Our Firm

The Grenier Law Firm is dedicated to assisting you and your business in planning for, and navigating, the cycles of life; and successfully maneuvering through them. Our goal is to focus on YOU and your desires for yourself, you family, and your business.



Planning: Pay the least amount of tax required under the law for your particular situation.
Dispute Resolution: We can assist in the resolution of those disputes by representing you whether it be with a local government agency, the State, the Internal Revenue Service, or through the state or federal court system.


Asset Protection: You work hard to accumulate the property and other assets you have acquired; we can assist with developing a plan to protect your family, wealth, and businesses.


Planning: Be sure that your assets and property are distributed to those you desire and at a time you desire. The government has a plan, but it probably is not the same as your plan.
Giving: For more than 30 years we have been assisting individuals with their giving strategies and minimizing the tax impact on their giving strategies.



Planning: Whether your business is operated as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, Limited Partnership, S-Corporation, or C-Corporation, we are dedicated to assisting with your understanding and planning to minimize your business’ tax burden.
Dispute Resolution: We assist with over income tax, ad valorem tax, franchise tax, sales tax, and other business taxes at various levels of discussion and appeal.


Asset Protection: We are experienced in preparing the necessary documents and agreements to protect the lifelines of your business.


Internal Expansion: We assist clients in locating and securing financing for expansion, and assist with the negotiation of the acquisition of property and assets.
External Expansion: We are experienced in preparation of all necessary disclosure documents, contracts, and agreements necessary to expand your business with investors, partners, or franchisees.

  Exit Strategy

Redirect your energies: When you are ready to “redirect” your energies, we can assist in establishing a plan for the continuance of your business in order to support your redirection.


Giving back: We can assist you in defining the philanthropic goals and direction for your business and establish the proper vehicle for carrying out that plan.



Planning: Our experience will assist in examining the planned functions of the organization, its support avenues, and its governance.


Document and application preparation: We can prepare the necessary formation and governance documents and the proper exemption application.


Compliance: We are well-versed in these compliance issues and can assist you in determining what is required and how to comply.